Dental Assisting Classes

At the Academy of Dental Assisting, we’re here to get you on the fast track in your career as a Dental Assistant. We do this by offering top-of-the-line day or evening classes at an accelerated pace so that you’re getting your certification or degree in months instead of years.

Basic Dental Assisting Classes

Our Basic Dental Assisting Program covers the foundation level of our offerings, giving you an 8-week course of the best dental assistant training available. Two classes are concurrently running, meaning you get cross-trained in both the clinical and business aspects of Dental Assisting. Whether you end up working in an office or assisting a dentist directly, you’re prepared for the task at hand.

– Basic Dental Assisting
– Basic Dental Business
– Radiation Safety & Radiation Technique

Clinical Topics Covered:
– Dental Charting
– Dental X-Ray Techniques (Includes Certificates For Both Radiation Safety & Dental Radiation – Technique)
– Indiana Radiation Certificate Available
– Dental Materials (Filling & Impression)
– Preventive Dentistry
– Dental Anatomy & Physiology
– Sterilization & Infection Control
– Instrumentation (4-handed Dentistry)
– Clinical Procedures

Business Topics Covered:
– Dental Software Training (Eaglesoft)
– The Dental Team
– Customer Service
– Appointment Control
– The Dental Record
– Suppy Management
– Payment Options
– Billing & Collections
– Interacting with Third Party Payers
– Personnel Management
– Infection Control & OSHA
– Patient Education
– Dental Anatomy
– Patient Relations
– Legal Considerations
– Dealing with Challenging Situations
– Record Management
– Dental Office Correspondence

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Advanced Dental Assisting Program

Our Expanded Duty Dental Assistant Program (EDDA) makes you more attractive to employers because you’ve got a larger skillset and more training. This 14-week training course covers our Basic Dental Assisting Program and then adds in our expanded program. Most EDDA certifications take years, but ours take only months.

– Expanded Duties Dental Assisting approved by the Kentucky Board of Dentistry for 32 hours CE credit.

Topics Covered:
– Dental Materials
– Oral Environment
– Finishing and Polishing
– Rubber Dam Placement
– Sealants
– Toffelmeir Bands
– Custom Trays
– Mylar Strips
– Custom Bases
– Composites
– Dental Cements
– Wedging
– Temporary Crowns
– MSDS Labeling
– Principle of Bonding
– Composite Material
– Placement of Amalgam and Composite Restorations

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Diploma Programs

Academy of Dental Assisting’s Diploma Program is carefully designed to help you achieve success in a wide variety of dental assisting professions. It prepares you to work not only at a general dental office but also at a specialist’s office, like an orthodontist or endodontist. Don’t forget the business office either! Our diploma program also prepares you to be a Business Assistant, Patient Care Coordinator, or Office Manager. If you truly want to make a difference in this field, a diploma from the Academy of Dental Assisting is the place to start.

Upon successful completion of this comprehensive program at the Academy of Dental Assisting, you will be awarded a Diploma in Dental Assisting.

Areas of study include:
– Clinical dental assisting – utilizing actual dental operatories in each clinical classroom
– Dental business office training – taught by a practice manager utilizing dental software
– CPR – certification by the American Heart Association for healthcare providers
– Kentucky Certification in Radiology Safety and Technique – Indiana approved radiology program
– Practice management – advanced business office training for those pursuing management positions
– Expanded Duties Dental Assisting (EDDA) – taught on site utilizing real dental equipment
– Dental specialties – will prepare you to work for a variety of dental specialists
– Professional development – to get you job-ready!
– 300 externship hours in an actual dental office

Career choices:
– Expanded Duties Dental Assistant – (EDDA)
– Office manager, Business Assistant, Patient Care Coordinator – general dentistry or specialty office
– Orthodontic Assistant – braces
– Endodontic Assistant – performs root canals
– Oral Surgery Assistant – performs surgery of the head and neck
– Pedodontic Assistant – Children’s dentistry
– General Dentist Assistant
– Periodontics Assistants – treatment of gums

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