Advantages to Hiring Our Graduates:

  • Each graduate has a strong desire to work in the dental field & has spent many hours training for a career in dentistry.
  • They are less likely to change career paths since they have taken the time and money to educate themselves in this field.
  • The knowledge and technical skills they have acquired through the Academy of Dental Assisting at MedQuest College will quickly make them an asset to your practice.
  • They get a more complete understanding of dental procedures and training since we focus solely on teaching students what they need to be successful in the field.
  • Our Comprehesive Dental Assisting Graduates spent several months completing clinical and business office courses along with a 300 hour externship.

From Externships to Full-Time Positions:

Get to know one of our students by having them perform their Externship in your office. Our Externship Advisor will assist you and your staff through the externship process, making it both rewarding and enjoyable. This is a requirement for our students and allows them to see a dental practice in operation. It is a great way to become acquainted with our highly trained Dental Assistants. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about our Dental Assisting school. Click here for More Information or you can call us at: 1-888-301-0218.