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If you enjoy personal interaction with patients, Dental Assisting is a great career choice for you. Dental offices across the nation are desperately seeking friendly, professional dental assistants to help with a variety of tasks around the dental office. They’re looking for YOU. So what are you waiting for? Get on the fast track to a great career in the Dental Assisting field and let the Academy of Dental Assisting help you get there.

Dental Assisting Colleges | Academy of Dental Assisting

What makes the Academy of Dental Assisting such an attractive option for so many aspiring dental assistants? First of all, we’re nationally accredited by the National Accreditation for Colleges & Schools. This gives any degree you get with us a lot more weight; our reputation precedes you.

On top of that, our highly trained and knowledeable staff has been teaching our courses for 10 years. We make sure our class sizes are small, usually with a 6:1 student to teacher ratio, so you’ll always have your teachers’ attention. Our classes are held day or evening, and our accelerated 8- and 14-week programs mean you’ll get in, out, and on the path to your new career quickly.

Our classes are very hands-on. You’ll be working with real dental equipment and learning actual skills that will help you in a working dental office, rather than sitting in a classroom being told what you’ll be doing once you get a job. ┬áSo you’re much better prepared for your job then that average graduate. ┬áDental offices know this!

We offer certificate and diploma programs to fit whatever Dental Assisting career or speciality you’d like. We also maintain good relationships with dentists across the area. Dentists know that if they hire an ADA graduate, they’re getting someone with a strong desire to work in the dental field and the professional training to back up that desire.

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About Academy of Dental Assisting

The Academy of Dental Assisting is a private, post-secondary school that’s licensed by the Kentucky State Board of Proprietary Education and is nationally accredited by the National Accreditation for Colleges & Schools.

The Academy was formed as a result of the great need for dental assistants. We want to provide the general public with a chance to enter a rewarding and professional field and help the dental field maintain a constant stream of highly trained dental assistants.

The Academy has trained dental assistants for over 10 years. Our knowledgeable faculty and staff know what skills and techiniques are required to become successful in the dental assisting field. As such, our school is very hands-on, with small class sizes and actual dental equipment on site, providing the best in hands-on training and delivering a personal learning experience for every student. Additionally, our training is quick; in as little as eight weeks, you’re ready to go. Our schedules are flexible as well, with night and evening classes available.

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