Oral Surgery Assistant Training

Dental x-ray for oral surgery assistant KY

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are surgical specialists of the dental profession and do complex sensitive work, from extractions to jaw surgery, from dental implants to gum surgery.  The Oral Surgery Assistant has a varied and vital job preparing treatment rooms, assisting with anesthesia, sedation, dressings, suctioning, and monitoring vital signs and intravenous fluids.

Nationally Accredited College programs offering specialty courses which include oral surgery are preferred.  Although Certifications are obtained by passing exams, additional training is obtained by performing externship courses in dental and oral surgery offices.  Given the skill set, a hands on focus makes a great deal of sense.  On top of the responsibilities listed above the oral surgery assistant can find themselves doing everything from developing radiographs, preparing prescriptions, giving post-procedure instructions to scheduling appointments.

Ideal candidates for this line of work also have the right temperament, to work with both surgeons (whom they take orders from) and patients. It’s no surprise that they need great manual dexterity. And they also have to be quick, detail-oriented and organized.

Prospects are excellent for this profession, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, with an expected growth in demand of 36% through 2018. One reason for the expected growth is demographic: people are growing older. That’s always been true, of course. But what’s different is that in this day and age people are holding onto their teeth much longer, preferring to save them and delay or prevent the switch to dentures.