Becoming a dental assistant can change your world, your dentist’s world and your patient’s world.

What’s the difference between people who make a difference and those who merely wish they could? Often it’s a matter of skill. That’s why becoming trained as a dental assistant at our Louisville or Frankfort offices can propel you into a world where your work matters.

Dental assistants enjoy great job portability–you’re in demand everywhere in the US–and they enjoy solid security. In fact, the profession is projected to grow 31% over the next decade according to the most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics. Average salary varies from state to state, often influenced by the cost of living. However, the national average in 2010, the latest year for which figures are available, is over $33,000 a year.

But far above the money is the respect that comes with the job. As a dental assistant, you’ll be an indispensable team member of a dental office, handling everything from record keeping to handling x-rays, in addition to assisting the dentist during procedures.

At MedQuest, we back you up every step of the way. Every graduate gets a diploma and is ready for certification. Job placement is a snap.