Training to be a dental assistant in Louisville, Kentucky, might sound like a routine job, but it’s one of those hidden gem careers. Over the span of your career as a dental assistant, you’ll have an opportunity to help patients and learn a variety of new skills. The tools to help dental assistants are rapidly advancing which means you will be utilizing new technology throughout your career and keeping your computer skills sharp.

CAD/CAM, an acronym for computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing, has actually been around for 20 years, but incremental changes have had a big impact on what they can do for the patient. Similarly, once you have trained to be a dental assistant from our Louisville facility, you’ll likely wind up seeing ways to make your own improvements that stack up over the course of your career, giving you a sense of accomplishment and patients a greater sense of satisfaction.

CAD/CAM offers the ability to design restorations right in the dentist’s office, adding variety to the office while enhancing speed of delivery. Once the design is finalized by the dentist, it is sent to a milling chamber, customized with stains and glazes, and then may be ready for placement. In a process that used to take 6 weeks, same day service is now possible.

This means happier patients, and—you guessed it—happier dental assistants.

This is just one example of the rapid advances in the field. If you like change, like people and like work that makes a difference, training at our Louisville, Kentucky facility could be the quickest route to a rewarding career.

We have trained hundreds of people to become dental assistants for one simple reason: the country needs them. We expect the dental assistant labor force to grow some 30 percent or more over the next decades, giving you a sense of secure employment and giving patients an understanding that the care will be there for them.

Come explore the training we offer to become a dental assistant. Learn how you can help change the world, one patient at a time. Call us now at 888-301-0218.