Who would want to become a dental assistant when there are already 35,000 of us across the US? Answer: anyone who recognizes that this seemingly big number actually represents a shortage, and knows that their skills will be in high demand for decades.

But, as dental assistants will tell you, job security is just the beginning. Doing meaningful work that makes peoples lives better is rejuvenating as well as rewarding. We train dental assistants to become certified, so they can do their work anywhere. That means you can pick up and move if you want to, and start a new job where you land.

MedQuest College has a reputation for backing its students through the entire process. One key element is setting you up with a 300 hour externship, practice right in a dental office to get you up and running.

You could leap into this new career in a matter of a few months (16 weeks + externship).

Come explore our world of trained professionals—we have many programs in addition to dental assisting, from pedodontic assistant (children’s dentistry) to oral surgery assistant among many other choices.

Gold teeth may be out of fashion but dental assistants have golden careers. Come check us out!